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Our History.

West Coast Chiropractic Centre commenced in 1995 when Kaaren Colwell and Michael Cheesman purchased a practice from Greg Baldwin in Porter Street Port Lincoln. It was moved to its current location in Washington Street in 2000 where Colleen Forbes later purchased the practice in 2010.

Our Chiropractors.

Karli Suffolk, Kaaren Colwell, Colleen Forbes, Michael Cheesman.

Our Team.

Enhance your life.

Chiropractors offer treatment for a range of biomechanical disorders which often impact daily functioning and cause pain, discomfort and decreased mobility. Chiropractic care can help if you are experiencing aching joints or muscle pain that is affecting your ability to get through the day, or preventing you from doing your favourite activities. It can also help maintain healthy spine and joint function, even if you do not have painful symptoms.

People commonly visit a chiropractor for help with:

• Back pain
• Neck pain
• Headache
• Whiplash
• Strains and sprains from daily activities
• Overuse injuries
• Work and sports-related injuries
• Arthritis
• Restricted movement in the back, shoulders, neck or limbs

Painful joint and back problems can be caused by work, accidents, sports injuries, household chores, and even the stress of daily living. Most work injuries are caused by overuse and repetitive stress. Overtime, small tasks done with poor posture can lead to acute and chronic pain, which can result in reduced worker productivity, lost time from work, disability, and an inability to perform job tasks.

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